Meiomi Rose’ 2017

The Meiomi Rose’ 2017 is mainly a Rose’ of Pinot Noir sourced from vineyards in 54% Monterey County, 36% Sonoma County, and 10% Santa Barbara County which are all first class areas for growing Pinot Noir. In a side note, wines that feature grapes from both the Central Coast AVA and the North Coast AVA, such as Meiomi, usually show California on the label as place of origin, but since all 3 AVA’s are quite good for Pinot they went with these locations. Meiomi was founded by Joe Wagner one of the sons of the renown Caymus Wagner family, and within a very short time built the brand into a massive success, he founded Meiomi in 2006 and in 2015 sold it to Constellation Brands for almost a 1/3 of a billion dollars. Constellation has a terrific line up of wines, Google them and you will be impressed with their portfolio. This Rose’ was produced in a combination of the 2 main Rose’ techniques, the first is Direct Press where the wine is intended to be a Rose’ from the start and the second is Saignée, where some of the juice from a regular Red wine is transferred to a different tank when the color is just right, so some of the juice becomes red wine and the bled off juice is turned into Rose’. Now that Rose’ is popular Direct Press is the main production method since it can be made in larger quantities, while the Saignée is the older more traditional method. The alcohol content is 13.9%.

The color is a pale peach/amber color, very delicate. The nose is really pretty, there is a fruit stand at harvest aspect to it, nicely floral, with melon, peach and pear, soft lemon, juicy plums and nectarines. This is a well-balanced Rose’, solid acidity along with solid flavors. It tastes of lemon/lime mixed with tart cherry, there is this sleek slap of minerality that runs thru out the body of the wine. The mid-palate adds a salty cashew flavor, sour strawberry, orange peel, and soft,, sweet raspberry. The acidity allows the flavors to unfold. The finish is subtle, but lasts forever.

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The Meiomi Rose’ 2017 is not one of those patio pounder Rose’ that are hugely popular in the summer months, the Meiomi Rose’ can hold its own as an option along with Red and White wines. This isn’t some light, frilly, sort of sweet Rose’, it has depth and challenging flavors, it is the kind of wine you take your time with. A winter, fireplace, upscale party Rose’.

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