Mazzoni Toscana Rosso 2009

mazzoniredThe 2009 Mazzoni Toscana Rosso is a Super Tuscan blend of 72% Sangiovese and 28% Merlot grown on the Francechi Estate in the Brunello region of Montalcino in Tuscany, Italy. The Brunello region is the prime growing region for the Sangiovese grape and Brunello’s are among the best of Italian wines. Super Tuscan wines came about when Tuscan winemakers wanted to produce a more modern style of wine. The rules and regulations of the DOC and DOCG only allowed for a traditional style of Chianti and the winemakers felt a need to produce a wine that appealed to the burgeoning New World wine market. A Super Tuscan is usually, but not always, Sangiovese blended with either Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot. The IGT designation was created specifically for Super Tuscan’s to give them status in the market place above the Table Wine designation. 50% of the Mazzoni Toscana Rosso was aged for 12 months in large French oak barrels and 50% was aged in 2nd use regular size casks. The wine was aged an additional 3 months in the bottle and the alcohol content is 13%

The color is brooding plum red. The nose is an interesting stew of red fruit, exotic spices, cigar smoke, leather jacket and tea. On first sip, you think that this is a medium bodied somewhat simple wine and then all of a sudden the flavors open up on your palate and there ain’t nothing simple about this wine. This is a wine were the goal was balance, not tons of juicy fruit flavors, but even with some exemplary overall balance there is great deal of flavor to experience. It tastes of plums, blackberries, herbal tea, licorice, curry spice and orange zest. The mid palate adds a slap of persistent, dusty tannins, tart cherry and POM Wonderful. The tannins are stiff, but they hold their place and show good balance. The acidity too is well balanced and provides excellent length to the body of the wine. The finish is subtle, but does not go away.

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The 2009 Mazzoni Toscana Rosso lists for $20, but for some reason is currently being discounted (I found it for $10.99) and is available on the internet for under $15. This is a beautiful bottle of wine, produced from grapes grown in an area that rivals Napa and Bordeaux and selling for a extremely generous price. If you find a Super Tuscan from a quality producer in Brunello, Tuscany selling for $10.99 (it is well worth the $20 price tag), you don’t think twice, you buy it. Even if this style of wine is not your cup of tea (or glass of Red wine), try it anyway, this is the type of wine that will help further your wine education. Drinking is Knowledge, when it comes to wine.


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