Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi

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Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi

The Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi is $13.99 Aldi Bubbly I can’t say that this Sparkling wine is exclusive to Aldi since it seems to be produced by Gruet, headquarter in New Mexico. In checking the California COLA registry database, they approve wine labels, I found that Precept-Wine/Gruet made the Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi.

Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi

Precept is the largest privately owned wine company in the Northwest, meaning other than California and they have some sort of partnership with Gruet wines. Gruet started in Champagne in the 1950s and started an outpost in New Mexico in the 1980s. They produce Champagne-style Sparkling wine.

The label says American Sparkling wine since the grapes are sourced from vineyards in New Mexico as well as California and Washington. Gruet wines are so popular that they had to expand their grape sourcing to meet demand.

Like most Aldi wines there is no information about Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi. Gruet also makes Gruet Brut, but the tasting notes for the two Sparkling wines are different. Is this simply a re-labeled Gruet wine or is it a Bubbly made specifically for Aldi? I do not know.

Gruet Brut lists for $15 and the Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi is a $13.99 wine. Aldi usually offers a better discount than that, so I would think that this is a whole new wine made for Aldi. Either way, it’s okay, Gruet Brut receives 90 points from wine magazines and has been listed in the Top 100 Value Wines of the Year. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

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The Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi Tasting Notes

The color is pale gold with silver highlights, the bubbles are plentiful and energetic. The nose is lemons, grapefruit, green apple, a little spice, yeasty bread, and peach and pear. The Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi has rounded flavors and solid acidity.

This Bubbly tastes like lemon curd, ripe apple, peach, grapefruit, and lime. The mid-palate adds sharp spice, nectarine, a little of that salty/nutty on-lees thing, and dried pineapple. The acidity allows this Bubbly to be long and lean.

The Summary

  • The Lustre American Sparkling Wine-Aldi tastes great, it is an easy Sparkling wine to understand and enjoy.
  • A tasty $13.99 Champagne-style Sparkling wine is an excellent bargain.
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