Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021

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Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021

The Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021 is a $7.99 Trader Joe’s exclusive non-vintage produced for them by Winepress Vintners. This Chardonnay is one of the trendy fitness wines, low calorie, reduced sugar, and alcohol, with no carbs or fat. This summer, Trader Joe’s also had the Slim Vine Light wines, also “diet” wines.

Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021

A family-owned winery produced the Slim Vine wines from the Monterey AVA who also had its own low-calorie wine called Sunny with a Chance of Flowers. We reviewed the Slim Vines Sauvignon Blanc and that wine had 85 calories, 9% alcohol, 3.4 g of carbs, and less than 4 G of protein.

The Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021 has 100 calories, 10% alcohol, and 0 carbs and protein. The Slim Vine was a 2020 vintage, while the Lovely You is non-vintage. It looks like two different methods were applied to create these Lo-cal wines.

The Slim Vine wine was better than expected; any reduced bad thing product is seldom as good as the real thing. But the Slim Vine was a pleasant surprise; while not a rich as a classic California Chardonnay, it was an enjoyable drink. The back label says the Lovely You should be medium-bodied and complex, which would be a nice trick for a lo-calorie wine.

Trader Joe’s does not mention how they reduced the calories and the alcohol or why this Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021 non-vintage wine. So, the tasting portion is where we determine if a “diet” wine is worth the trade-off.

The Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021 Tasting Notes

The color is pale butter yellow; this Chardonnay may have seen some oak aging. The nose is attractive; there is lemon, baked apple, peach, pear, melon, and a bright floral edge. The Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021 is medium to light-bodied and not as complex as the back label suggests.

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This low-calorie Chardonnay tastes like buttery apple pie, but not sweet, melon, green apple, and slightly hard-edged spice. The mid-palate adds a salty sensation, nectarine, and guava. The acidity is well-balanced.

I wouldn’t say I liked this Chardonnay on the first sip, but as the wine opened up, the combination of flavors and textures started to do their magic.

The Summary

  • The Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021 is a pretty decent and tasty $7.99 Chardonnay.
  • I may not have as much body as I prefer in a Chardonnay, but it does not drink or taste like a “diet” wine.
  • I am a fan of the richer style of Chardonnay, so take my criticism as a preference and not a fault.
  • It is possible to drink healthy without diminished pleasure.
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10 comments on “Lovely You Chardonnay NV 2021

  1. Jan Lunardini says:

    I love the Lovely You Chard!!!!! Can I purchase on line? Trader Joe’s is sometimes out‍♀️ Thx Jan xo

  2. Mitzi Marie Bartlett says:

    How can I get this online? No one has it!! I love this wine!!

  3. KB says:

    Can this be purchased online?

  4. Es says:

    Where can I buy this? I love it but it’s a special buy item that isn’t always in store.

  5. Domaine Dave says:

    Trader Joe’s is having major supply chain issues at the moment. This seems to be a wine that is exclusive to TJ’s. Your best bet is to wait until the supply issues are worked out.

  6. Domaine Dave says:

    I did not see this wine being sold at any online retailer.

  7. Domaine Dave says:

    It looks like a Trader Joe’s only wine.

  8. Catherine Burns says:

    can you contact me when Lovely You is available in Trader Joes? Im diabetic and would love to find this wine soon. Thank you Cathy Burns

  9. Domaine Dave says:

    I will keep a look-out

  10. Grace says:

    I love both the Chardonnay and Cabernet lovely you wines. I’ve had many fine wines through my life, but this suits me very well right now. Would love to know when it’s back on the market.

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