Louise d’ Estre’e Brut Rose

Camera Effects-1350782288420The Louise d’ Estre’e Brut Rose’ Sparkling wine is a $7.99 Trader Joe’s import exclusive. The wine is produced by Marcel Martin, who makes both still and Sparkling wines in the Loire Valley in France. Marcel Martin makes a Brut Rose’ Cremant under his own label (CremantSparkling wine, it can only be called Champagne if it is grown and produced in Champagne, France) using Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc. The grapes used in the Louise d’ Estre’e are not listed and the label seems to be for the US market only, since several things you would expect on a French wine label are missing, such as where the grapes are grown and where it was bottled. This Bubbly was made in the Methode Traditionnelle style (the same as how Champagne is made). Designated a Brut Sparkling wine signaling it is on the dry side (remember with Sparkling wine, Dry indicates a sweet wine and Brut a dry or not sweet wine, yeah I know, needlessly complicated). A Rose’ Sparkling wine shows that there is Red grapes in the blend and they usually pour in a little Red still wine into the mix to give a pinkish color. The alcohol content is 12%.

The color is Barbie doll pink with a touch of peach, with thick foaming bubbles. The nose is light and slightly candied, peach and sour raspberry candy, with a soft hit of baking bread. This is a delicate, interesting Sparkling wine, it starts with dried strawberry, tart lemon/lime with an underpinning of minerality. There is a transition to tart cherry that leads to a subtle lemon/cherry finish that lingers softly for quite some time. On first sip, I thought, mmm, there isn’t much going on here, on second sip I found a fragile, but balanced, highly enjoyable Sparkling wine.

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Everyday Bubbles are great, 8 bucks for a French Sparkling wine is huge fun. The Louise d’ Estre’e has a nice kind of sweet, kind of sour thing going on that is anchored by a very cool mineral edge. This is another very drinkable, very cheap, Trader Joe’s wine.

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  1. Kim Herrin says:

    Why did the Trader Joe’s in STL stop carrying Louise d’ Estre’e Brut Rose’ Sparkling wine?? They still carry the regular Brut, but not the Rose’….which is actually MUCH better…even though the white Brut is good. The Rose’ is amazing….for the price! Please tell me it will come back to Trader Joe’s or will you please tell me if I can order it direct? I LOVE THIS WINE!!!

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