image.phpRiesling is one of those grapes that can’t seem to shake its reputation. Most people assume it’s an almost syrupy sweet white wine best paired with good conversation, severely spicy dishes, and nothing else. The Furst’s 2009 Riesling seeks to change all of that.

Furst is about $12.99 a bottle and from the Alsace region of France, which borders Germany and has changed from German to French control and back several times. It is often considered the best region for Riesling in the world.

The wine is slightly golden in color with pleasant aromas of honey and candied pear. Based on the nose, I expected this Riesling to be on the dessert side of things. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how balanced this wine is.

Definitely a dry wine, it has light acidity with a hint of sweetness that you’d expect from a Riesling, but a soft mouth-feel and medium body usually not associated with cooler climate grapes. This is a wine you could drink everyday either on its own or with food. I think it would go well with curries, sushi, broiled chicken, or pan-fried seafood dishes.

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