Lost Vineyards of Agentina Malbec

LostVineyards_Argentina_MalbecThe Lost Vineyards of Argentina Malbec  is a non vintage wine sourced from several growing areas in Argentina, the back label says it is produced by little known (lost) wineries. The Lost Vineyard of the World Wines seem to be direct competition to Trader Joe’s wines, they have inexpensive wines from Portugal, Argentina, Spain and France, along with an organic line of wines. This Malbec was purchased at Whole Foods for $5, and almost nothing in Whole Foods sells for as little as five bucks. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is a plum red with strawberry highlights. The nose is cherries, dusty cocoa powder and a little vanilla. A medium to light bodied Malbec, with bright, shiny flavors. The initial flavor is blackberry, blueberry and a touch of licorice. The mid-palate adds strawberry and Starbucks Mocha, this is one of those not too complex, but not too simple wines. The tannins are light but do provide a fair bit of structure. The finish is the same as the body of the wine and is fairly short.

The Lost Vineyards of Argentina Malbec is a decent, no issues, five buck wine. Since you can find all sorts of solid Malbecs on the store shelves in the $10 range, a perfectly good one for $5 isn’t that surprising. The Lost Vineyards Malbec will work well with burgers and pizza and drinks just fine on its own on a tuesday night.


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