lolailo sangriaThe Lolailo Sangria is imported from Spain using Tempranillo and Bobal grapes as a base and infused with Mediterranean citrus and fruit juices from a 70 year old recipe. The Bobal grape is the 3rd most plated Red grape in Spain and there isn’t much planted of it anywhere else. There is a Tapas joint in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, it has been there for years, they have Spanish TV stations on all the TV’s, the entire decor is from Spain, the small plates are wonderful and the pitchers of Sangria flow. The next day, you think , “Man, that sangria was good, we should make some for our next party”. You buy a bottle or two of Red wine and add in some orange slices and apple and it never quite tastes the same as it did at the Tapas joint. What was missing from your Sangria is Spain and the Lolailo Sangria has you covered in that regard. This is actually a wine product and not simply a wine since other ingredients are added, so it has nutrition facts on the back label, which is always interesting, 160 calories and 5% of your carbs for the day. The alcohol content is a low 6%

The color is a clear shiny crimson red. Sangria really is not the kind of wine that you would nose, but is does have a very pretty red fruit and spice aroma. This a light, refreshing Sangria, it has 16 grams of sugar, but does not go overboard with sugary sweetness. This is not a complex Sangria, it is closer to the best Kool Aid you ever tasted. The Lolailo Sangria could use a little club soda and a few slices of fresh orange and lemon to take it to the next level.

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The Lolailo Sangria is very tasty, if a little light bodied, straight out of the bottle and with some creative additions would make for an excellent, low alcohol, party wine. The 1.5 liter bottle should be available for under 10 bucks, add some seltzer and some sliced citrus and you can recreate a Tapas bar out on your backyard deck. 


this bottle was received as a sample
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