justpeachybubblyThe Just Peachy Refreshing Bubbly is a Sparkling wine (the label refers to it as a Wine Product) infused with natural peach flavors. The White wine base is produced from the Airen grape sourced in vineyards in Provence in the south of France. While you might not have experienced the Airen grape before, it is huge in Spain where it accounts for 30% of all the vines planted. Just Peachy was produced by  Veuve Ambal, an over 100 year old Sparking wine producer located in Burgundy, though this is not one of their lines of wine. Because this is a Wine Product and not simply a wine, the back label has nutrition facts posted, zero carbs, no fat and 75 calories per serving. CO2 is listed in the ingredients section, which would indicate this wine got its Bubbles thru pressurized vats, like Italian Spumante. The alcohol content is a very low 6%.

The color is golden yellow with a good amount of tiny bubbles that fade out before too long. The nose is ripe juicy peach, it is a dead-ringer for the real thing. This is a very light, delicate Bubbly with balanced acidity. It tastes of very faint pineapple and a dash of minerality, but the overriding flavor component is fresh, ripe peach. This Bubbly (or Bubbly Wine Product) is fresh fruit sweet, not sugar sweet. There is enough acidity to give the Just Peachy a decent bit of body, it is still a French Sparkling wine and not merely a novelty wine. The finish is, of course peach, and while not lengthy, holds on for a respectable amount of time.

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The Just Peachy Refreshing Bubbly is a ton of fun and if not quite a Bellini, it is close enough for a tuesday night. At 6% alcohol, it is a solid choice for parties where the kids are running around and the guests have to drive home. As a tuesday night Bubbly, it is very addictive, that fresh peach flavor endlessly enticing. If it isn’t a real Sparkling wine and is legally a Wine Product, who cares, since it really tastes delicious and is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. This isn’t a Bubbly that is trying to be something that it is not, it is a fun, tasty, inexpensive trifle. There are other low priced, flavored Sparklers on the market of somewhat dubious origin, at least here you’re rocking the south of France.



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