Line 39 North Coast Petite Sirah 2012

line39petitesirah2012The 2012 Line 39 North Coast Petite Sirah is sourced from grapes grown in vineyards in the North Coast AVA. The North Coast AVA is located north of San Francisco and includes Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and 43 other AVA’s. Petite Sirah (also known as Durif) is a hybrid created in France in the 1800s, a cross between Syrah and Peloursin. The cross was intended to produce a Syrah grape that was more resistant to mildew, but it didn’t work out that well in France, but has found new life in Australia and California. Line 39 is one of Cecchetti Wine Companies 5 wine labels. This is a relatively small production wine with 2,750 cases produced and the alcohol content 13.5%.

The color is blood plasma red. The nose is jammy red berries, along with new leather coat and cigar tobacco. This Petite Sirah has a satiny smooth mouthfeel and rich extracted flavors. It tastes of blackberry and licorice, a little dark chocolate and oak spice. The tannins make themselves known, but are balanced and compliment the flavor profile. The acidity is nicely balanced and help give structure to all the rich, bold flavors. The finish is subdued compared to the body of the wine, but does linger for a long time.

The 2012 Line 39 Petite Sirah is a large, juicy wine, with rich flavors and solid structure. Drink this with steaks on the grill, pot roast with mashed potatoes or gourmet burgers.  It is a fine sipping wine, the velvety smooth texture and indulgent flavors give the Line 39 the feel of a more expensive wine.

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