Let’s Talk About Cheap Wine- Rhone Valley

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Let's Talk About Cheap Wine- Rhone Valley

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Let’s Talk About Cheap Wine- Rhone Valley Podcast

Dave talks about the wines of the Southern Rhone Valley in Southeastern France specifically and affordable French wines generally. The Rhone Valley features Red wines that blend Grenache and Syrah together along with a handful of other approved grapes, Mourvedre being the most prominent. While there are expensive wine regions in the Rhone Valley, the regular Rhone VAlley and Rhone Village wines are excellent. If you want to find the best cheap wine learn to love Grenache because there are plenty of Grenache-based value-priced wines in southeast France and northeast Spain that deliver a great of bang for the buck. we talk about finding Rhone wines in your local wine shops and tips for figuring out which wines deliver.

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