Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut

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Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut

The Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut is a French Sparkling wine I found at a local Chicago wine shop selling for $9.99. This is a Cote d’Or wine from Burgundy, France, and is a Vin Mousseux wine meaning it was produced in a method different than the Traditional or Champagne Method.

Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut

That usually means this Bubbly was made with the Charmat Method (same as Prosecco), tank 2nd fermentation. With this process, the wine is fermented a first time, aged for a designated time, and then transferred to huge pressurized tanks.

Blanc de Blanc is a French wine talk for White Sparkling wine made from White grapes. In Champagne, Black de Noir means that Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier are used.

A measured amount of sugar and yeast is added to the tank which is then sealed and the pressure is cranked up. After a few weeks to a few months, the Bubbles are incorporated into the wine and the process is complete.

The Charmat Method is made famous by Prosecco which uses the Glear grape. Here with the Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut, we have the Charmat Method using Chardonnay from Burgundy rather than Glera from Veneto.

Chardonnay is one of the main grapes of Champagne located in the northernmost section of Burgundy.

The Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut has 11% alcohol and is rated a Brut or a dry/not sweet Sparkling wine. Wines such as this are intended to be fun, easy-to-drink Sparkling wines. If you ever wondered what Prosecco would taste like with Champagne grapes, this is your Bubbly.

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The Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut Tasting Notes

The color is pale golden yellow. The nose is apple, lemon, and grapefruit. It has more yeasty notes than expected, along with a bit of honey, melon, and a floral edge. The Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut is a Bubbly with strong if not complex flavor and good length.

This Bubbly tastes like a mix of apple, melon, and lemon/lime. The mid-palate brings juicy peach, dried pear, a little spice, and nectarine. The acidity is well-balanced.

The Summary

  • The Les Allies Blanc de Blanc Brut is a tasty, fun, easy-to-like $10 French Bubbly.
  • It will definitely class up a Tuesday night.
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