Leer Vineyards Valiant White

valiant_white_wineThe Leer Vineyards Valiant White is a non-vintage Moscato sourced from more than one California grape growing AVA. The Valiant White and the Heroic Red Blend were created to support the Military Warriors Support Foundation provide mortgage free and tax-free homes for combat wounded veterans. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold go to the foundation and it takes 10,688 bottles to provide 1 home. This isn’t the first time Leer Vineyards used their wines for doing good, click here for their story. To date, they have funded 3 homes and are 9/10s of the way to a 4th. These wines are not available in stores everywhere, Wal-Mart in Texas has it and some wine shops in California, but your best bet is going to the source, Leer Vineyards. The alcohol content is 12%.

The color is pale apple juice yellow. The nose is citrus, peach, pears, honey and magnolia in spring. This is a sweet wine, but the acidity does a good job of balancing the sugar, the sweetness never goes too far. It starts with ripe peach, pear mixed with pineapple, key lime and orange. It reminds me of fruit and citrus hard candies, but with far less sugar.  There is a crispness to the flavors, some sweet wines can bog down and become cloying, but the Valiant White is refreshing and a little addicting. The finish is full and starts out strong, then fades.

The Leer Vineyards Valiant White is a very tasty wine. It drinks well on its own and would pair very well with desert. I’m not sure about chocolate cake, but I’m willing to give it a try, peach pie or fruit tarts may be a safer bet. Moscato is good wine for novice wine drinkers sample, the flavors are easy to like and understand.  It is also good to start with a Moscato that has solid acidity, because it shows the importance of balance and structure in wine. Drinking wine and doing a good deed for someone who is deserving of help isn’t a bad way to spend an evening.

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