LaGranja 360 Garnacha Rosado 2016

The LaGranja 360 Garnacha Rosado 2016 is a $4.99 Trader Joe’s imported wine sourced from grapes grown in the Cariñena DO inside the Zaragoza Province in north-east Spain. The LaGranja 360 (translates to the Farm 360) line of wines, which for the most part sell for under 5 bucks (I think their Cava Sparkling wine is a dollar or so more) of everyday Red and White wines that are very consistent and very drinkable. The grapes come from a local commune of farmers, none of the farmers have large enough vineyards to establish their own independent wineries. They band together and either pool their money and build a winery or rent space at an established facility and hire a winemaking team to produce the wine. And something that is unique in this price range, they hired an artist to create very identifiable and attractive labels for the wines. Most 5 buck wines don’t pay a great deal of attention to the packaging, with the Granacha Rosado there is a flamingo standing on one leg (the bird is pinkish like the wine), the Tempranillo/Granacha blend has a zebra where someone is in the process of painting the black stripes red.These are young wines, not meant to be aged or cellared. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color reminds me of a bottle of Rose’s Grenadine, maybe not quit so dark, but more red than pink. The nose is strawberries, bubblegum, a little watermelon, and cherry cough drops, but not sweet. This is a dry, balanced Rose’ with delicate flavors. It tastes of black cherry, strawberry, plum, and  hint of cream. The mid-palate mirrors the body of the Rose’, but does add a touch of tart cherry. The acidity is subdued, this is a sipping wine. The finish is subtle and slowly fades.

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To my way of thinking, the LaGranja 360 wines are the inexpensive line of wines Trader Joe’s shoppers should be looking for. Charles Shaw or 2 Buck Chuck wines fluctuate between not bad for the money to not worth your time. The LaGranja 360 wines always deliver as long as you are looking for a light to medium bodied wine that is bright and fruit forward with not too much acidity or alcohol. Which is basically the definition of a first-rate 5 buck wine. This Rose’ is very drinkable and not in a “well it only costs $4.99 so I will put up with the comprises” kind of way. It is a solid Tuesday night on the patio or balcony, the low-cost isn’t an issue, you drink it because you like it.

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