La Vidaubanaise Vin de Pays Maures Rose’ 2014

la_vidaubanaise_roseThe La Vidaubanaise Vin de Pays Maures Rose’ 2014 is a blend of Carignan, Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvedre sourced from vineyards north of Cannes and near the foothills of the Alps in Provence in southeast France. La Vidaubanaise is a wine co-op founded in 1912, they are a group of independent vineyards (about 130 in 2014) that band together to produce wine. Vin de Pays Maures is an area outside the AOC approved Provence growing areas, but still inside of Provence. To simplify things, Rose’ is Red grapes turned into wine using White wine techniques. With Red wine the crushed grape skins and the juice are left together long enough for the wine to receive a dark red color and tannins from the skin. With Rose’, the grape skins are left with the juice only long enough to impart the desired color, from pale pink to vivid orange, so a Rose’ has a lighter color and far less tannins. This Rose’ was fermented and aged in stainless-steel vats.

The color is a pale Barbie Doll pink. The nose is sweet, hard candy, cherry and a whiff of minerality. This is a crisp, dry (not sweet) Rose’ with a solid mix of sweet and sour flavors. There is as much lemon on the palate as there is cherry, strawberry and raspberry. The sour flavors hit first and then are countered by the smooth, sweet Red fruit. The acidity is strong, but very well-balanced, giving this Rose’ a good deal of length, the flavors roll on and on.

The La Vidaubanaise Vin de Pays Maures Rose’ 2014 is a very solid Provence Rose’, even if it isn’t exactly Vin de Provence. It should be found for $10 and maybe a little under and at that price it makes a fantastic summer sipper. Pair it with salads and not too spicy shrimp. Or do like they do in the south of France and pickup a few bottles, gather a friend or two and while away a lazy summer day.

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