Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022

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Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022

The Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022 is a $7.99 Costco exclusive. Kirkland Signature wines typically name the winery or the winemaker involved in the production, but not here. The back label mentions Grape and Grain Imports as having vinted and bottled this Chardonnay.

Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022

Grape and Grain Imports is the custom wine brand branch of Precept Wine which is the largest independently owned wine producer in Washington State, though they are not limited to Washington wine. They produce wine for about every grocery store (including Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Aldi) along with most large retailers selling wine (Target, Walmart, World Market, and large wine shops). You have probably tasted their wines and didn’t know it.

As a custom exclusive store brand, there aren’t any technical or tasting notes for the Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022. There are 19 AVAs inside Sonoma County and all of them grow Chardonnay grapes. Showing Sonoma County on the label as the place of origin does not narrow things down for us. The grapes came from more than one Sonoma AVA.

The short tasting notes on the back label mention flavors derived from Malolactic Fermentation. Also, mentioned is a creamy finish and vanilla, along with French oak aging. The creamy finish can be from “on lees” and the vanilla is from the oak. French oak is the most expensive oak for barrels, so someone thought the grapes were good enough to justify the expense, which is a good sign. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

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The Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022 Tasting Notes

The color is a pale, glistening wheat yellow. The nose is not shy, there is melon, peach, honey, pineapple, passion fruit, apple, creamy vanilla, and a light floral edge. The Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022 has a rounded mouthfeel along with a solid selection of tasty flavors.

This Chardonnay tastes like peach, melon, lemon curd, tart apple, and creamy vanilla. The mid-palate shows pear, nectarine, a hint of soft spice, and orange-blossom honey. The acidity is nicely balanced and allows this $7.99 Chardonnay to have an excellent finish.

The Summary

  • The Kirkland Signature Sonoma Couty Chardonnay 2022 is a lot of Chardonnay for 8 bucks.
  • This is definitely a California Chardonnay, full of flavor and texture while still maintaining balance.
  • It is amazing how well you can drink for under $10!
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