Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022

The Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022 is a $9.99 Costco exclusive produced for them by Charles Smith of K Vintners of Walla Walla, Washington. K Vine is a label created for their Costco wines, there is currently a Chardonnay, a Rose, with a Cabernet Sauvignon soon to come.

Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022

The Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022 is sourced from a single vineyard, the Buckshot Vineyard. This is one of Milbrandt’s vineyards, they are elite grape growers in the Columbia Valley and make their own excellent wines.

The bottle shows the vineyard but does not tell which grape or grapes were used. I think this is a Rosé of Syrah. K Vintners is a Rhone-style winery and the main grape of the Rhone Valley is Syrah. However, they create wines with grapes other than Rhone varietals.

The Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022 is a 2022 vintage wine for sale in February 2023. The grapes were probably picked in August or September, so this is not a Rosé with much aging. It is perhaps better to drink this wine sooner rather than later. Young wines are always at their peaks upon release, so if you are interested get it soon. Not that 6 months from now would be a notably worse drinking experience.

Charles Smith is one of my favorite winemakers. He makes $100 100-point wines and he makes $10 90-point wines. In my mind producing a top wine when money is no issue is fairly easy. It is when they make a delicious value-priced wine that you get my attention. The alcohol content is a mild 12.5%.

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The Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022 Tasting Notes

The color is on the orange or apricot side of pink. The nose is pretty, it smells like the first day of spring. There is peach, pear, apple, a bouquet of flowers, pineapple, coconut milk, and cherry hard candy. The Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022 is subtle and delicate with a mix of fresh fruit and candy flavors, though this is a dry Rosé.

This Rosé tastes like a ripe apple, pear, lemon chiffon, peach, soft spice, and black cherry. The mid-palate offers a little of the salty/nutty on-lees thing, guava, nectarine, and a late slap of spice. The acidity will have you reaching for the next sip and your taste buds will agree.

The Summary

  • The Kirkland K Vine Rosé 2022 is a delicious wine, perfect for a warm spring day.
  • A good wine is a good wine if it costs $10 or $100, this is a good wine.
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