joya-white-bottleThe JOYA Sangria White is 100% Airén grape with “all natural essences of fresh Mediterranean fruit” sourced from vineyards in the Castilla-LaMancha region of Spain. Airén is a grape that is almost exclusively grown in Spain and not too long ago was the most planted grape in world, today it is the 3rd most planted grape. The JOYA Sangria has an alcohol content of 12% which is well within the alcohol range for an average bottle of wine. Most pre-mixed Sangria wines have an alcohol rating of under 10%. Adding ice and sliced citrus and fruit to the Sangria can further dilute the wine, so 12% alcohol content can provide enough body to keep the Sangria for becoming to light or watery.

The color is very pale golden-yellow, with a faint green tint. The nose is a touch of peach, pear, mint, lime, lemon and melon. This is a medium to light, dry, wine. It tastes of a mix of peach and pear with soft Altoids spice, a little cream, fresh squeezed lime and honeydew melon. The acidity is balanced and the finish is as complex as the body of the wine and slowly fades away.

The JOYA Sangria White works well straight from the bottle, it does not need added orange slices or diced apples and ice. But adding the traditional ingredients will pump up the over-all effect. And Sangria isn’t really Sangria unless you go all the way. I have had other pre-mixed Sangria that was so light that I wanted to add a more full-bodied wine, along with the ice and fruit to get an authentic drink. The JOYA Sangria does not need any help. JOYA comes in 750ml bottles and in a 3 Lt box (the equivalent to 4 bottles). Hot weather and Sangria are made for each other and JOYA Sangria makes enjoying a pitcher of Sangria very easy.

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