Jean Marc Lafage côté EST Catalan 2011

The Jean Marc Lafage côté EST Catalan 2011 Lafarge_cote_ESTis a very nice vin de pays (French country wine) white blend that’s very light yellow in your glass. It has a nose that reminds you of of those sugary orange slices you’d get with your grandma at the candy store!

So you prepare yourself to take a sip then have to go brush your teeth, when SMACK upside your palate comes a surprise not unlike taking a bite out of a grapefruit that’s been soaked in Fresca alongside some rocks right out of the creek for like 20 years! Sharp, sharp acid – and minerality up the ass! Throw in a little salty white pepper finish and what do you have? For me, a welcome surprise.

I like when a wine teases me by taking my mind somewhere down one road, then does an emergency Bat-turn on to the dirt road and through the cornfields for a completely different experience. Hell, I love when the ladies do it.

So yeah, not sweet. Dry, dry, dry – with a little bit of sparkle. Pick it up for a party when it’s stupid hot. Your friends will drink this like water, so get a case!

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