Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay 2017

The Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay 2017 is sourced from vineyards in South Eastern Australia, which is a huge grape growing area that encompasses most of Australia’s main growing districts. Jacob’s Creek is one of Australia’s oldest wineries, the first vineyard was planted (in Barossa) in 1847 and the first vintage was released in 1850. This is the 2017 vintage and it is just the beginning of Spring 2018 around here, how can they have a wine this quick? You have to remember, Australia is south of the equator and summer and winter is the opposite of the US, their winter is June, July, and August. So this Chardonnay was harvested a year ago, which is enough time to produce and age a drink-it-now wine. This is a Chardonnay that should be found in the $8 dollar range (I found it on sale for $4.99) and should readily available at sale prices on and off for most of the summer. The alcohol content is a subdued 12.8%, warm weather growing regions often produce very ripe grapes and alcohol levels of 13.5% and up are the norm.

The color is clear, clean, wheat yellow, with a slight green tint. The nose is apple, lemon, tropical fruit, pear, light spice, lime, a hint of toasty oak, and faint whiff of butter. This is a dry, fruit driven, but balanced Chardonnay. It starts with ripe apple, lemon, peach, vanilla, a little spice. The mid-palate adds ripe pear, a little crème brûlée, and grapefruit. The acidity is soft, but gives the flavors plenty of time to unfold. The finish is delicate, but lingers on and on.

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I was expecting the Jacob’s Creek Classic Chardonnay 2017 is be a bright and fruity White, just the thing for picnics and outdoor fun. Yes it will do all that, but the Jacob’s Creek is really a tasty, somewhat complex, dare I say “classy” Chardonnay, I would never peg it for an under ten buck wine. At the $4.99 I paid for this, it’s a steal, at the $8 normal price it’s a seriously good, solid Chardonnay. It has the classic Chardonnay flavors, but adds a light touch of butter and a nice helping of cream not usually found in this price range. This is a well priced, delicious Chardonnay.

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