Holiday Cocktail Recipe: The Ultimate White Russian

Holiday entertaining means that you got to step your game up, no more tossing a couple of Bud Lights to your buddies while watching the game or twisting the top on a bottle of Skinny Girl Cocktails before Downton Abbey, that just will not do. Here is the best of the best, never fail, your guests will be asking for the recipe, Ultimate White Russian. This cocktail is the brainchild of our friend, Tom Kalomiris, a very talented wine and drinks professional. Tom adds this cocktail to the list every Holiday Season and it has never failed to get the party rolling into high gear.

Here is the ingredient list:

2 oz. of Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka, Van Gogh has a single espresso Vodka too, get the Double Espresso

1/2 oz. of Quarente Tres or LICOR 43, this is the #1 liqueur from Spain, 43 herbs and fruit extracts that pair perfectly with espresso

1/2 oz. of White Chocolate Godiva, need I say more, alcohol and decadent Godiva chocolate combined

As you can see, we ain’t talking Kahlua and 2% milk, sorry Dude 

The mixing of this cocktail is easy, the presentation may take a little practice 

Normally, a White Russian would go into a rocks glass, but this is the Ultimate White Russian be creative with your glassware

Here goes:

Pour the Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka into the glass over ice

add in the LICOR 43

then float the white chocolate Godiva on top, it should cascade down the sides of the glass

creating a candy bar swirl effect

It is the perfect Holiday Party libation, while the guys are going on and on about how the rug tied the room together, how Donnie was out of his element or what you shouldn’t do to a stranger, the woman can sit back and enjoy the pleasure of a hedonistic White Russian cocktail, rich in Godiva chocolate. There are not many cocktails that the majority of men and women can agree upon, the Ultimate White Russian has something for everyone, even nihilists 

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