Henri Gaillard Provence Rose’ 2018

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Henri Gaillard Provence Rose' 2018

Henri Gaillard Provence Rose' 2018The Story

The Henri Gaillard Provence Rose’ 2018 ($9.99 at Costco) is a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre from vineyards in the Cotes de Provence AOC of the Provence region in the south of France. The Cotes de Provence is the largest growing region in Provence. The different regions in Provence tend to feature different grapes or blends in their Rose’, so the wines can vary from region to region.

This is a $9.99 Costco wine though it does not seem to be a Costco exclusive. I checked the internet and it seems this Rose’ is available elsewhere selling for about 15 dollars. I would imagine that most wine shops will not bother to stock a wine that Costco has for 1/3 less.

The Henri Gaillard Provence Rose’ 2018 is one of Les Grands Crus labels they have wine from virtually every region in France, Italy, along with wines from Germany and New Zealand. If you want an imported wine they got you covered.

Henry Gaillard is an actual person, he is a long time wine broker from Provence with deep ties to the growers of the region. As a wine broker rather than a winery, he purchases the grapes and contracts with wineries to produce the Rose’. With wine who you know is as important as what you know, so a well-connected wine broker can produce excellent wine for a fair price.

In past years there has been a Provence wine roadshow that would have a tasting in Chicago. There would be 30 or 40 producers showing two or three wines each. Provence Rose’ is uniformly excellent. But the one thing I came with is that the more affordable value-priced Rose’ was so enjoyable that there was little reason to drink more up-scale Rose’.

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Young, bright, fresh, fruit-forward Rose’ is extremely appealing, and these inexpensive Provence Rose’ tasted of the South of France in summer in a bottle. Not that the more costly bottles were not terrific, they were delicious, it is just that when it comes to Rose’ more is not always better.

Rose’ has had a spike in popularity in the last few years, it seems that everybody brought a Rose’ to the market. Many of the newer Rose’ was a Rose’ of a single grape, such and a Rose’ of Pinot Noir or a Rose’ of Sangiovese, which is fine. But the Rose’ from Provence are blends which can add complexity and depth to the wine. With a blend, the winemaker can pinpoint exactly what they are trying to achieve. Since Rose’ is what the winemakers of Provence do, they are skilled at blending and the making of Rose’. The alcohol content is 13%.

Henri Gaillard Provence Rose’ 2018 Tasting Notes

The color is a more amber or maybe apricot shade of pink. The nose is subtle, the aromas do not jump out of the glass, you have to concentrate, there are dried strawberry bits, Anjou pear, delicate spice, oranges, cherry hard candy, and light floral note. This is a medium-bodied Rose’ with a nice blend of smooth and tart sensations.

It starts with rounded, almost creamy black cherry, then tangerine, melon, lemon, spice, and tart strawberry. The mid-palate offers that salty, nutty “on lees” thing, along with a late hit of unsweetened pineapple. This is a Rose’ so there are no tannins to speak of and the acidity is the kind that compels you to take another sip (as if you needed to be prodded). The finish is full and the acidity allows the finish to roll on for some time.

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The Summary

  • The Henri Gaillard Provence Rose’ 2018 is a tasty, well-made Rose’.
  • I was getting a little over-Rose’d, they were everywhere. I know I lighter-bodied wine is great for the summer, but it isn’t too hot for Red wine that often and when the weather gets oppressively hot, I do have airconditioning. It is not like anyone actually needs Rose’.
  • The Henri Gaillard reminded me what I liked about Rose’, who cares what the temperature is outside. Drink Rose’ because it tastes great.
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