Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut

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Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut

The Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut is 100% Chardonnay sourced from grapes grown in New Mexico, Washington, and California. Gilbert Gruet founded his first vineyard in the Bethon district of Champagne in 1952. By 1967 he started Gruet et Fils (and sons) a Champagne House specializing in Chardonnay Bubbly.

Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut

In 1984 the younger Gruet family members established a vineyard in New Mexico and by 1989 the first Sparkling wines were released. Since then they have won numerous awards and have sold 1,000,000s of bottles. The Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut was named one of Wine Spectator’s Top 100 wines of 2020. Not bad for Bubbly which lists for $17 and I found it for $13.99.

Gruet has partnered with Precept Wines, the second-largest winery in Washington and the largest family-owned winery in the northwest. Gruet is still an independent winery but has Precept’s financial strength to back them up.

The Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut is a non-vintage Bubbly made in the Gruet house style. A non-vintage Bubbly is expected to deliver the same drinking experience year after year. This Sparkling wine is made with the exact same techniques used to produce Champagne.

Champagne-style Bubbly is fermented twice, the first is fermentation is the same method as regular still wine. The second fermentation occurs inside every bottle. The wine from the first fermentation is bottled but before a temporary cap is fixed on, a measured amount of yeast and sugar is added to each bottle.

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This second fermentation in the bottle is called Triage. In Champagne Triage must last a minimum of 18 months the Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut was “en Triage” for a minimum of 24 months. That is a higher standard for a New Mexico Bubbly than in France. The alcohol content is 12% and Brut indicates this is a dry, not sweet wine.

The Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut Tasting Notes

The color is a mix of silver and gold and there are plenty of bubbles. The nose is pear, lemon, tart apple, peach, stone fruit, a hint of honey, and light bakery bread, with a floral edge. The Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut is lean and clean with firm flavors and excellent length.

This Bubbly tastes like lemon, tart grapefruit, peach, Anjou pear, Green apple, and honey (not sweet). The mid-palate adds a salty sensation, dried pineapple bits, nectarine, and soft spice.

The acidity allows the flavors to unfold and sets your palate up for the next sip. You will reach for the next sip without thinking about it.

The Summary

  • The Gruet Blanc de Blanc Brut is an excellent Sparkling wine. Subtle and balanced, but with some weight on the palate.
  • If you like Champagne-style Bubbly you need to explore the Gruet Sparkling wines. Your taste buds and your wallet will thank you.

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