Global Adventure Series Chianti 2018

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Global Adventure Series Chianti 2018

Global Adventure Series Chianti 2018The Story

The Global Adventure Series Chianti 2018 is a $4.99ALDI exclusive sourced from vineyards in the Chianti DOCG region of Tuscany in Italy. There are two DOCG Chianti regions, Chianti Classico and just plain Chianti (there are sub-regions). The Classico Chianti is the original DOCG region and has a black rooster on the neck of the bottle. Italy has wine governing organizations, DOCG and DOC that are tasked with enforcing rules and regulations to ensure quality and promote the wines.

The Global Adventure Series Chianti  2018 is designated a DOCG wine, which is the highest classification and has the strictest rules for farming grapes and wine production. How a wine conformed to the rules and was shipped thousands of miles and still only sells for $4.99, I don’t know. But this wine is representative of the wines that Italians drink with each daily. Few people spend more than the equivalent to ten dollars for a bottle to share at their meal. The Italians take their value-priced everyday wine very seriously.

ALDI is well regarded in Europe (and Australia, too) as the destination for bang-for-the-buck cheap wine. The term cheap wine around here is not in any way derogatory, we are quite fond of the stuff. As a value-priced wine destination, ALDI has built relationships with some of the best value producers in Europe. ALDI wine wines awards on a regular basis and an ALDI wine going viral and selling out in hours are not unusual.

I checked the CheapWineFinder archives and found this is the 4th $4.99 ALDI Chianti DOCG wine we have reviewed over the years. A quick check showed that I thought they were pretty good and hit harder than their price tags. So, it seems ALDI is experienced and getting super value priced DOCG Chianti right.

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Chianti DOCG needs to be a minimum of 70% Sangiovese, there are several approved blending grapes but the bottle does mention what is in the bottle. The rules call for this level of wine to be aged for at least 6 months and that is about all I know about the technical aspects fo this wine. The alcohol content is a reasonable 12.5%.

Global Adventure Series Chianti 2018 Tasting Notes

The color is clear, see-thru cherry red with some black highlights. The nose is subtle, this wine a little stingy with its aromas, there is cherry, a little spice, herbs, a whiff of smoke, and faint prune. This is a medium-bodied dry red with nice rounded mouthfeel and a solid pull from the tannins.

It starts with blackberry, sour cherry, strong black pepper, and a decent slap of spice. The mid-palate adds dusty dark chocolate (not sweet), jammy raspberry, and a sharp edge from the tannins. Most wines today do their best to limit the tannins, but with a rustic Chianti DOCG, tannins are welcome. The acidity is balanced, this isn’t a super favorable wine, but it does have decent structure. The finish is fairly soft but does linger.

The Summary

  • The Global Adventure Series Chianti 2018 is crying out for a pizza, delivery or a good frozen pie, it isn’t fussy.
  • This is not a wine that you would peg for a five buck wine. Pair it with almost anything with red sauce and it will do well.
  • My very favorite Chianti is Chianti Classico, the ones with the black rooster on the label. The best ones are delicious, but this little unassuming 5 buck Chianti DOCG has a place. There is nothing wrong with being a go-to pizza wine. You do not want to pair a pizza with a wine that costs more than the pizza. This wine provides a proper entree to wine balance.
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