Giretto Pinot Grigio 2018

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Giretto Pinot Grigio 2018

ALDI Giretto Pinot GrigioThe Story

The Giretto Pinot Grigio 2018 is a $5.49 ALDI exclusive sourced from the Dell Venezie region of Northeast Italy. The 2018 version of the Giretto seems to be something of an upgrade. Past vintages of this Pinot Grigio were designated IGP wines, while the 2018 is a DOC wine. An IGP wine in this price range is perfectly fine, but a DOC wine is fairly rare. IGP wines do not conform to all the rules and regulations of the DOC. There are a multitude of reasons for non-compliance and at this low price most of them are nothing to worry about for a wine consumer. But, it is nice to see a full-fledged DOC Pinot Grigio selling for $5.49.

The name Giretto translates to a short bike ride. The Delle Venezie region is located in the Northeast corner of Italy and is known for Pinot Grigio. The Alto Adige region, the leading Pinot Grigio growing region in Italy, is just to the north. ALDI has a strong reputation in Europe as the leading bang-for-the-buck wine seller and they are the go-to value wine destination. ALDI’s wine reputation in the US does not match its European acclaim, but they have great contacts with European value wine producers. The alcohol content is a reasonable 12%.

The Tasting Notes

The color is a very pale wheat yellow. The nose is bright with loads of grapefruit, lemon/lime, peach, pear, a light floral note. The Giretto Pinot Grigio 2018 is a medium to light-bodied wine, with a balanced dose of acidity. It tastes of lemonade, crisp Golden delicious apple, and soft pear. The mid-palate mostly mirrors the body of the wine, but does add a hint of melon and light spice. The acidity allows this Pinot Grigio to work well with light dishes and also sip well. Some Pinot Grigio’s from Northeast Italy can be acid bombs and only do well with a meal. The finish is subtle, but does last.

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The Summary

  • $5.49 gets you a very drinkable, food-ready Pinot Grigio. Who Knew?
  • Actually I did. The average person in Italy, someone who serves wine with every lunch and dinner. Drinks wine in this price range. To spend more on wine for each meal would break the budget of most Italians.
  • A simple, every-day wine, with a salad or plate of seafood or pasta, gets the job done and done well.


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