Forty Ounce Rose’ 2017

The Forty Ounce Rose’ 2017 is a blend of 53% Gamay, 33% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc, and 4% Pineau d’Aunis sourced from vineyards in the Muscadet and Touraine regions of the Loire Valley in France. Gamay is the grape used in the making of Beaujolais and Pineau d’Aunis is a very old French grape that was all the rage in the 1300s, but is largely forgotten today. The main thing that allows this Rose’ to standout from the crowd is the bottle, it isn’t actually a 40 ounce bottle (like Colt 45 or Old English 800 malt liquor), it’s a one liter bottle made to look like a 40. One liter is a little bit under 34 ounces and the typical wine bottle measures 3/4 of a liter, so you get 25% more Rose’ for about the same price. So, the bottle is pretty humorous, especially for a French wine, but if whats in the bottle isn’t up to par, then the jokes on you. But that is not the case, this is a legit, tasty, dry, crisp, clean, summer-time in a bottle Rose’. The color is Barbie Doll pink, similar to the Rose’ from Provence. The nose is floral with notes of cherry and lemon. This is a crisp Rose’ with good fruit flavors of raspberry, pink grapefruit, a touch of minerality, along with lip smacking acidity. To me, lip smacking acidity indicates a Rose’ (or a White wine) that will go down easy, a wine that is very easy to drink. The finish is clean and delicate and lasts a decent length of time. The alcohol is 12.5%.

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With the Forty Ounce Rose’ 2017 you don’t need a party theme or decorations, it is the theme and the ambiance all by itself. Forty Ounce also makes a Red wine and a White wine (I have not tasted those), so they have a variety of wines to rock the party. Here is a link to the 40 Ounce Wines website, there is a link there to let you know which stores in your area carry these wines. Summertime is Rose’ season, fun, parties, and good times, just remember your drinking French Rose’, not malt liquor, don’t over-do the “Street” aspect to drinking 40s.

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