Florifity French Rosé 2023

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Florifity French Rosé 2023

The Florifity French Rosé 2023 is a $7.99 Aldi USA exclusive. This wine is produced by Ethical Wine Company a French wine company that specializes in sustainable and certified vineyard and winery practices. They use recycled material for their packaging, recycle what they use, and are carbon neutral.

Florifity French Rosé 2023

The Florifity French Rosé 2023 is something of a mystery wine, they do not mention the grape/grapes used or where the vineyards are located, this is merely a Wine Of France.

The back label says the vineyards are from the sunny part of France. French wines are all about location, which side of the river the vineyard is located, and which town is near the vineyard, location is essential. What we do know about the vineyards is that they are certified organic.

The certification process for organic grapes is expensive and can take several years to complete. No one has a low-quality vineyard certified organic, so what we do know about the location is tempered by the organic certification.

think a wine with a story tastes better and there is not much detail to tell about the Florifity French Rosé 2023, but it sells for only $7.99 so we can overlook the scant production notes.

The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The Florifity French Rosé 2023 Tasting Notes

The color is a pale peach. The nose is fresh and bright, there is a mix of red berries and lemon, a hint of cream, and light tropical fruit with a hint of spring flower bouquet. The Florifity French Rosé 2023 has a firm mouthfeel with good fruit and structure.

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This Rosé tastes like dried strawberry, lemon, soft spice, ripe peach, and guava. The mid-palate offers mild minerality, a viscous texture, and nectarine.

The acidity does its role well and this Rosé has good flavor and length.

The Summary

  • The Florifity French Rosé 2023 is a wine well worth giving a try.
  • It has body and flavor while being balanced and subtle.
  • A bargain at $7.99.
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