Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020

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Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020

The Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020 is a $6.99 ALDI exclusive wine sourced from multiple vineyards in California. ALDI does not give out technical information concerning this wine. It did wine some best new products of the 2021 award, but since we are just over halfway through 2021, it seems early to issue that sort of honor.

Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020

ALDI owns the trademark on the Elementalist name, they do that so they can keep a brand around year after year, and if they need to change the supplier, the brand will still carry on. A winery produced this Pinot Grigio in Hopland, California, which is in the Mendocino AVA. If you Google Hopland, ca. wineries, you will have many family-owned, boutique wineries and one large winery specializing in sustainably farmed value-priced wines.

I wouldn’t say I like naming the winery behind these store-brand wines because if the winery name is not on the label, it is not really a representation of their wines. These are wines made to order to the buyer’s (in this case, ALDI) specifications.

ALDI would not choose a winery that could not properly make the intended wine, and a winery would not lower its quality standards to be an ALDI supplier. So, the Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020 is made by the winery ALDI decided was right for the job.

The Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020 is a young Pinot Grigio. The grapes were picked last September or October, and this is August; there is not a great deal of aging, which is perfectly fine for a bright future, fruit and citrus-forward budget-friendly White wine. This is a drink-it-now wine, take it home and pop the top, or more accurately twist the cap.

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This style of wine is a perfect summer cooler, chill it down and enjoy. These are not fussy wines; they are not from some fancy high-end growing region. They are typically great-tasting, satisfying wines that do not break the budget. The alcohol content is a mild 12%.

Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020 Tasting Notes

The Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020 is a bright, tasty, easy to enjoy wine. The color is an extremely pale butter yellow, just a hint of color. The nose is ripe peach and pear, creamy lemon, lime, soft spice, and fresh apple.

This Pinot Grigio takes like a mix of peach, pear, lemon, and soft spice; there is solid lip-smacking acidity, you will take another sip, the acidity demands it. The mid-palate adds green apple, lime, coconut milk, and a late slap of spice. This is not a wine that will dazzle you with depth and complexity, but it does taste good.

The Summary

  • The Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020 is a solid, friendly Pinot Grigio.
  • $6.99 store brands are not the same as $6.99 retail wine shop wines. The store pays up front for the wine order, which lowers the cost, does not spend a dime on advertising, and can negotiate lower distribution costs.
  • There is no set formula for store brand and retail brand price comparison, but a store brand can be several dollars less expensive for comparable quality.
  • The difference is that with a retail brand you know what you are getting and with a store brand you have to trust the store. ALDI did well with the Elementalist Pinot Grigio 2020.
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