CWF What You Need To Know Before Using Your Air Fryer Again

Air fryers have been around for long enough now that the idea that they’re just another kitchen gadget fad may finally be fading away. It seems as though they’re here to stay, and as such, it’s probably worth getting everything you can out of owning one if you have it taking up space on your kitchen counters.

Sure, you can cook up some frozen French fries in one, easy. You can make a batch of wings. But these versatile devices can do a lot more, too. For all the creative concoctions you can make with one, as well as how to take care of it, watch for what you need to know before using your air fryer again.

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Cut down on the oil | 0:00
Less mess | 1:05
Becoming more popular | 2:00
Heat your leftovers | 2:51
Counter space | 3:27
Food can cook quickly | 4:13
Shake the basket | 4:58
Noisy | 5:37
Lower the temperature | 6:27
They can replace ovens | 6:59
Crispier with oil | 7:54
Clean it regularly | 8:35
Cook a whole chicken | 9:24
Use a meat thermometer | 9:46

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