Cooper’s Hawk Romance Red

cooperhawk_romance_redThe Cooper’s Hawk Romance Red is a sweet, non-vintage wine. The bottle shows American as the place of origin for the grapes, they source grapes from California, Washington, Oregon and Michigan. When you see American on the label that means that grapes grown in more than one state were used. Cooper’s Hawk is a winery and restaurant chain located in the Midwest, Virginia and Florida. They currently offer 46 different bottlings and have produced over 260,000 cases in 2014. Cooper’s Hawk does not show the grapes used, but do use the flavor of Concord grapes in the tasting notes. The alcohol content is 12%.

The color is a see-thru ruby-red. The nose is fruit roll-ups, hard cherry candy and a little spice drop. This is a sweet wine, but not over the top, kind of like grape jelly with an alcohol content. On the first sip I thought it might be too sweet to drink on its own, maybe more as an accompaniment to chocolate cherry cake or red velvet cake with buttercream frosting. But by the second sip the wine settled in and became a smooth, rich, but not particularly complex sweet Red wine. I personally prefer dry wines, but if you like your wines on the sweet side and chocolate cake by itself isn’t decadent enough for you, the Cooper’s Hawk Romance Red will jazz up your experience.


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