Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva

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Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva

The Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva is a Spanish Sparkling wine I found on sale for $8.99. Codorniu is the oldest winery in Spain with a history going back to 1551. This was way before Cava wines very started. In 1872 Josep Raventos brought the Champagne Sparkling wine methods to Spain and Cava was born. Codorniu is part of the Raventos family of wine.

Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva

This Cava is Limited Edition because the bottle is wrapped in a black and gold design that does lend a touch of class to a value-priced Bubbly. It is a Reserve since the second fermentation in the bottle lasted a minimum of 18 months. Regular Cava uses at least 9 months of aging.

The grape blend for the Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva is also a little bit different. There is 30% Chardonnay, 30% Macebeo, 30% Xarel-lo, and 10% Perellada. Cava typically incorporates the 3 indigenous grapes, so Chardonnay is an interesting addition and Chardonnay is also one of the three main grapes of Champagne.

Brut indicates that this is a dry or not-sweet wine. The dry style is widely used for Champagne Bubbly wines. Cava and Champagne are made using the same production methods, the grapes are grown in very different vineyards, but the winemaking is very similar.

As a refresher, in the Traditional Method as used on the Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva, the grapes are pressed and fermented for the first time. After a proper amount of aging the wine is transferred to its final bottle and a measured amount of yeast and sugar are added to each bottle. The temporary cap is placed on the bottle. The bottles are turned a 1/4 turn every couple of days to prevent the spent dead yeast from sticking to the side of the bottle. In this instance, after 18 months the cap is removed along with the dead spent yeast, and a small amount of still wine is added to reach the desired level of sweetness (Brut). The cork and cage are added and the wine is further aged in the bottle for a few months.

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The long the second fermentation lasts the creamy and smoother the Bubbly. The alcohol content is a mild 11.5%.

The Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva Tasting Notes

The color is pale gold with plenty of bubbles. The nose is crisp, with apple, grapefruit, pear, a hint of vanilla cream, soft spice, and nectarine, with a light floral edge. The Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva is a smooth tasty Bubble with a little rougher edge on the mid-palate, the two sides go together well.

This Cava tastes like a stew of peach, pear, grapefruit, and tart apple, with a few dried pineapple pieces. The mid-palate brings a creamy sensation, followed by tart spice, with a finish of tropical fruit. There are many fruit descriptors that may suggest a sweeter Bubbly, but this is a dry wine. The acidity does an excellent job of allowing the flavors to unfold and prepare your palate for the next sip.

The Summary

  • The Codorniu Limited Edition Cava Brut Reserva is a great-tasting value-priced Bubbly.
  • At the $8.99 price, I found it at this is a crazy good bargain.
  • The price-to-satisfaction ratio is off the charts.
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