CWF Chef Tanya’s Cajun White Castle Burger – Chicago | For the Love of the Slider

Tanya Baker, 28, is the Executive Chef of Chi-town’s beautiful Boarding House Restaurant, as well as our gourmet guide to the city, its secrets, and its subtleties. Drawing inspiration for her take on the slider doesn’t seem too difficult, as Baker instinctively reflects on her Korean mother’s passion for cooking while channeling her Louisiana-bred father’s zest for Cajun style.

In this episode, we watch in awe as Tanya combines Chicago-fresh ingredients like shrimp from a favorite local market and spicy Cajun flavors to create her own Original Slider.

Director – Marc Kharrat (@marckharrat)
Producer – Alex Wirtzer (@wirtzer)
Host – Geoffrey Kutnick (@geoffreykutnick)
Cinematographer – Sean O’ Brien (@seanmobrien)
Editor – Brian Robertson
Colorist – Tawan Bazemore (@tawanbazemore)
Sound Mixer – Christian O’Keefe

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