Chateau Chantal Celebrate Rose’

66455The Chateau Chantal Celebrate  RoseSparkling wine is a Semi-Dry (which actually means the wine is on the sweet side, Brut is the term used for less sweet wines) sourced from grapes grown in Estate vineyards on the Old Mission Peninsula, just north of Traverse City, Michigan. The Old Mission Peninsula is situated on the 45th parallel, the same as Bordeaux, France, though Bordeaux receives considerably less snow. The Celebrate Rose is made from Chardonnay grapes with a little red wine mixed in to add a little color and flavor.

The color is salmon pink, with loads of tiny, tight bubbles. This is a fun Sparkling wine, it is not another variation on the French Champagne theme. It tastes of a combination of strawberries in cream and an orange dreamsicle, it is definitely on the sweet side, but the sweetness seems to come from fruity, creamy flavors and not just sugar sweet. What we have here is a tasty combination of Bubbly and dessert, all in one glass. It is a little one dimensional, the flavors you get upfront are all you are going to get, but I really enjoy the upfront flavors. Celebrate is a good name for this Bubbly, because it is all about a party, this isn’t a wine for dinner or for stodgy toasts at formal parties. It is for times when having Bubbly for dessert seems like a real good idea.

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