Charles De Fere Sparkling Moscato

charledeferemoscatoCharles De Fere Moscato is a non-vintage Sparkling wine sourced from grapes grown in vineyards thru out France and produced in the Methode Ancestrale style. Methode Ancestrale is a technique to produce Sparkling wine that pre dates Champagne wines by 100 years. With Methode Ancestrale the still wine (no bubbles) is bottled before the first fermentation is complete. The wine continues to ferment inside each bottle, the CO2 from the fermentation can’t escape, causing bubbles to form in the wine. It produces a softer, sweeter, lower alcohol Sparkling wine than the Champagne or Traditional Method. Charles De Fere is one of Boisset Family Estates, which include DeLoach Vineyards, Raymond Vineyards and Buena Vista Winery a well as French, Italian and Canadian wines. No sugar was added in the making of this Bubbly and it is a fairly low production Sparkling wine (3,000) cases and should be found for under $10. The alcohol content is a low 7.5%.

The color is a shiny golden yellow with tons of fine bubbles that slowly fade . The nose is a mix of a bouquet of flowers and tropical fruit, with a little orange blossom honey. This is a light, delicate, balanced Sparkling wine, with an appealing touch of nectar sweetness. There are flavors of unsweetened pineapple, ripe peach, orange SweeTarts (not sugary), apricots and lemon/lime. With all the over the top sweet Moscato’s on the shelves, the Charles De Fere is refreshingly restrained and even elegant. The acidity is well balanced and the finish, while subtle, does linger.

The Charles De Fere Sparkling Moscato, to my palate, gets sweet wine right. This isn’t sugar sweet, it is sweet like a ripe, juicy peach or nectarine is sweet. I have a hard time with too sweet wines, they get cloyingly sweet fast, a little goes a long way. The Charles De Fere Moscato is one of those wines that keeps you reaching for another sip and at 7.5% alcohol, another sip is just the thing. 

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2 comments on “Charles De Fere Sparkling Moscato

  1. Jean says:

    Where can i find this wine in Maryland or Washington DC

  2. Jean says:

    Where can i find charles de fere moscato in Maryland or Washington DC

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