Cantina di Soave Rocca Sveva Classico 2012

SOAVE CLASSICO_2cd0bThe Cantina di Soave Rocca Sveva Classico 2012 is 100% Garganega grape grown in DOC vineyards near the towns of Soave and Monteforte in Veneto, Italy. Cantina di Soave was founded in 1898 and is a co-op of over 2,600 vineyards comprising 8,600 acres of vines. Garganega is the main grape of Soave White wine and must form a minimum of 70% of the wine. The Rocca Sveva Classico sees very little manipulation, crush the grapes, ferment the juice and give it time to come together. The alcohol content is 12.5%.

The color is a pale golden-yellow. The nose is apples and lemons with a pretty floral edge. The Rocca Sveva is a light to medium bodied dry wine, well-balanced with a solid streak of acidity. It tastes of fresh lemon and Golden Delicious apple, with a slight hint of minerality. The body of the wine is sleek and the flavor is long-lasting. The finish is subtle, but does not go away.

The Cantina di Soave Rocca Sveva Classico 2012, that’s Rocca Sveva, not to be confused with Rico Sauve by Gerardo (gee, that song is now 25 years old), is a solid, tasty food wine, which is basically the goal of almost every Italian White wine. If you want to know how to pair wine, just look to the origin of the recipe. If you are serving antipasto salad or a Mediterranean-style fish, trust what the people of the region drink, after all they have had centuries to figure it out and a Soave Classical will do you right.

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