The By.Ott Rosé 2015 is a blend of 75% Grenache and 25% Syrah and Cinsault sourced from 2 Domaines Ott vineyards, along with some grapes by a couple of long-term contract grower in the Cotes de Provence AOC in the south of France. Domaines Ott has produced Rosé since 1912 and has a long history of making some of the finest wines in Provence. The By.Ott label is a newer wine for them, but it has all the expertise and wonderful vineyards as their more expensive Rosé. Provence (located on the French Riviera) has an ancient wine history, it was named by the Romans (they called it “my province“) and there is evidence of winemaking going back to the Greeks in 1,500 BC. A Rosé is a Red wine but has a much lighter color because after crushing the grapes the skins are left in the juice just long enough to get the desired pink color, then they are removed. Since chemicals, such as tannins are located in the skins, Rosé wines have far fewer tannins than a regular Red wine. Rosé also are seldom aged in oak barrels, so the lack of tannins and no oak conditioning allow flavors that are hidden in Red wine to blossom in Rosé. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is a crystal clear pale pink with an amber tint. The nose is subtle and elegant, apple and pear, with crisp citrus, peach, faint orange blossom honey, peach, and a slight whiff of spring flowers. This is a dry, balanced Rosé, with sleek acidity and firm flavors. It starts with a blend of peach, pear, and lemon, followed by melon, and strawberry picked just before ripe. The mid-palate shows orange zest, sea salt and slightly creamy tart cherry.  The acidity is well-balanced and allows the flavors plenty of room to unfold. The finish is crisp and lengthy.

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The By.Ott Rosé 2015 is an excellent example of Provence Rosé and it should be, it has a great history and lists for $25. But since this is the end-of-the-bin time of the year at your local wine seller, I found this classy Rosé selling for $9.99. And that is a very good thing since Valentine’s Day is coming up and your local florist is doubling the price of roses, you may as well get the perfect Valentine Rosé for half price just to even things out.

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