Band Of Roses Rose’ 2018

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Band Of Roses Rose' 2018

Band of Roses Rose' 2018The Story

Quake & Dave talk about the Band of Roses Rose’ 2018, a Rose’ that is made from a White grape, Pinot Gris. Pinot Gris can have red grape skins, so, therefore, it can be turned into a Rose’ wine. I love Charles Smith Wines online tasting notes, these are value-priced wines, the Band Of Roses lists for $12, but the detail on how the wine is made rivals $30+ wines. They detail the 3 vineyards that farmed the grapes (Art Den Hoed, Shaw Vineyards, and Evergreen by Milbrandt). The strains of yeast used (NT 116 and VIN 13). The length of time the grape skins were in contact with the juice (24 to 48 hours, this is where the shade of pink comes from). And that the Rose’ was aged for 2 months on lees (dead yeast left in the tank with the wine) and stirred (the more you stir the more the wine gets a creamy mouthfeel). They don’t try to hide what they did to make the Band of Roses, you would be surprised how rare that is with value-priced wine. Wine is chemistry, not magic, it’s ok to let us know the major production details that differentiate one wine from another. These details matter, kudos to Charles Smith Wines for laying out the basic details wine drinkers should know about the wines they drink.

Well, anyway, Quake and Dave drink the Band of Roses Rose’ 2018, tell you what they think… we like it and talk about whatever else pops into our heads. Cheers!


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