Avant Garde Blanc 2012

avant-garde-blancThe Avant Garde Blanc 2012 is 100% Sauvignon Blanc sourced from AOC vineyards in Bordeaux, France. There three White grapes permitted in Bordeaux, Sauvignon Blanc is the main grape along with Semillion and Muscadelle ( a local grape not related to the sweet Moscato grape). The Avant Garde is a young wine (no oak conditioning and just a little bottle aging) made to be consumed 2 to 3 years after release (the sooner the better, it does not get better with age. Though the first few years are fine). WINE TIP# When buying young wines always check the vintage on the bottle. The newer the bottle the more vibrant the wine. Some less scrupulous wine sellers may stick older vintages that may be past their prime in with the newer bottles. I’ve been stung a time or two.

The color is a pale daisy yellow. The nose is candied apricots, pear and tropical fruit. This is a dry, bright, tart, clean, medium to light bodied wine. It tastes of pear, tart apple, grapefruit and guava.  There is a nice balance to the fruit flavors and the acidity. The finish is full and lengthy.

I think many people think of Bordeaux wines as super expensive and made to be cellared for 15 years before you can drink them, but half the wine produced in Bordeaux sell for under $20 and many White wine for closer to $10. French wines prize balance and modern French wines throw enough fruit into the balance to keep American wine drinkers happy. It isn’t always easy to find Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc at the local supermarket or the Mom and Pop liquor store down the street. But don’t fear the snooty wine shop, modern French wines usually have the grape varietal on the label, you won’t have to figure out which Chateau makes this or that. And a young White wine should be reasonably priced, no more and probably less than a comparable Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc is worth seeking out.

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