Arrogant Bastard Ale

abaThe Arrogant Bastard Ale (You’re Not Worthy) is brewed by Stone Brewing Company of Escondido, California, they have been producing this label since 1997. The difference between Beer and Ale is Ale usually uses top fermenting yeast and is fermented at warmer temperatures and Beer uses bottom fermenting yeast and is fermented at much colder temperatures. The different brewing techniques give what is essentially the same ingredients very distinct tastes. The Arrogant Bastard Ale is made in an “in your face” style, with elevated bitterness and hops to offset the natural malt sweetness. I found the 22 oz. bottle selling for $5.99 and the alcohol content is 7.2%.

The color is an apricot amber, with a thick foamy head. The nose is delicate and floral for something named Arrogant Bastard, sweet carmel malt, orange peel, a spring bouquet and a little baking fudge brownies. There is a silky mouthfeel and very balanced mix of sweet flavors upfront with a bitter finish.  It tastes of sweet malt, chocolate mixed with somewhat subdued Altoid’s spice. There is a flurry of different spices in the mix including  coriander and allspice. The finish is bitter and quite dry, almost lip smackingly dry, it provides a solid counterpoint to the main body of the beer.

The Arrogant Bastard Ale is bold but very agreeable. Some bold Ales almost dare you to drink them. While the bold flavors in the Arrogant Bastard are definitely not dumbed down or homogenized, the over-all balance gives the bold flavors a place to shine without dominating. This Ale has more flavor than all the Top Ten best selling beers combined.

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