Ruffino Il Ducale 2009 Toscana

Ruffino Il Ducale 750ml Bottle Shot (Web) [CA-ECM2011283 Revision-3]I​ am so glad Italy decided to support those making non-traditional Super Tusca​n​s vs. trying to eradicate these renegade winemakers – otherwise this Toscana wouldn’t be in the world​. And that​, my friends,​ would be a very sad world indeed. Comprised of 60% Sangiovese, 20% Merlot, and 20% Syrah, this is all you could want in a full bodied red wine. ​I picked it up at my corner store for $15.99 but have seen it at Jewel as well. ​

Ruffino is no stranger to making great wines: they’ve been doing so since the late 1800s and​ have even continued to do so after losing their winery in WWII and changing ownership a couple of times. ​

This wine is ​deep ruby red​ in color and invites you in, the moment you pour it into your glass. Aromas waft up at you of plums, black berries, and black cherries. There is also a bit of savory as well as sweet spice – white pepper and green herbs along with cloves and nutmeg.

This wine is super smooth and lush on the palate (likely from the Merlot), making it quite quaffable. Vanilla, wet earth, and raspberries appear and stay with you through the long finish.

Medium in body, this wine is great to pair with food as it’s only 13.5% alcohol. Pasta and red sauce, a leaner steak, or soft cheeses and dried fruit – the possibilities are downright delicious!

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