Antxiola Hondarrabi 2012

Antxiola (pronounced ahn-cho-la)Antxiola Hondarrabi 2012 comes to us from the Errasti brothers, owners of Bodegas Zudugarai in Spain. It’s a Txakoli, a very dry, slightly-sparkling, hard-to-pronounce white wine (it’s pronounced chock-o-lee) made with the Hondarrabi grape. Antxiola Hondarrabi 2012 is made with both types of Hondarrabi – 90% Zuri (Basque for white) and 10% Beltza (Basque for black).

The Errastis grow the grapes for Antxiola high above the Bay of Biscay, then hand-pick them and ferment them in stainless steel tanks for several weeks. The resulting perfection is a nose of cutting a lime on a stone cutting board – citrus and mineral. A sip gives up ripe Granny Smith apple slices, clean bright acid with just a hint of effervescence and a refreshing lemon-lime, minerally-good finish.

For when you want something different, this baby delivers. Drink it with hard cheeses, pork, cured meats and seafood. But drink it now – it’s made to be enjoyed immediately. If you’re in Chicago, stop by BIN36 and have a glass or buy a bottle.



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