Aime La Vie! Syrah Grenache Rose’ 2016

The Aime La Vie! Syrah Grenache Rose’ 2016 is a $6.99 Trader Joe’s import wine sourced from vineyards in the Languedoc region of south-eastern France, along the Mediterranean Ocean and just north of Spain. Aime La Vie! translates to “love the life”, you usually see J’Aime La Vie which means “the life I love”. This Rose’ is designated a Pays D’Oc IGP wine indicating the grapes came from the Languedoc region, but for some reason did not conform to all the rules and regulations of the AOC wine. One of the things a IGP wine can get away with is showing the grape varietals on the label. In France, folks know wine and to them the most important information is which region the winery in located and who made the wine. They already know Bordeaux is known for Red blends and Burgundy produces Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, it’s where exactly the vineyard is located and who is the winemaker. The average wine drinker in the US is not that well versed in French geography and doesn’t know one Chateau and Domaine from the next, so a little help on the wine label is much appreciated. The blend with the Aime La Vie! is 60% Syrah and 40% Grenache and the alcohol content is 13%.

The color is dark pink with a copper tint (Red wine gets its color when the crushed grape skins are left in with juice until the skins release the full color and tannins. With Rose’ the grapes skins are left in the juice only long enough to get the desired color). The nose is delicate, flowers, ripe apple, strawberry, lemon, and pear. This is a light to medium-bodied Rose’ with soft fruit flavors and crisp acidity. It tastes of tart cherry, pink lemonade, salty minerality, and Bosc pear. The mid-palate shows a touch of cream, lemon, and strawberry. The flavors are all balanced, one does not overpower the other and the acidity is crisp and clean. The finish is subtle and does not go away.

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The Aime La Vie! Syrah Grenache Rose’ 2016 is a tasty Spring and Summer Rose’. The French know their way around a Rose’, there is some evidence they may have been making it for 2,600 years. The salty minerality is a unique and beguiling addition to the flavor profile and sets it apart from other Rose’ in this price range. At 7 bucks a bottle it would make a solid everyday warm weather wine, it sips nicely and at 13% alcohol it has enough oomph to pair with a variety foods.



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