Adventure Series DOCG Chianti 2015

The Adventure Series DOCG Chianti 2015 is an ALDI $4.99 import exclusive sourced from vineyards in the Chianti region of Tuscany, Italy. The main grape of Chianti is Sangiovese with a handful of local grapes allowed in the blend. Italy has rather strict control agencies for grape growing and wine production, the DOC and the DOCG (G stands for guaranteed). Theses rules are closely enforced and with the DOCG rules being the strictest. The rules are applied a little differently in Chianti, like Bordeaux where the base red blends are categorized with the lofty moniker of Superior, the whole Chianti growing region is classified as DOCG (usually specific areas inside the DOC are called DOCG). The named sub-DOCG areas inside the DOCG and a whole separate Chianti Classico region is where the high-end wines are produced. Where in most Italian wine regions a DOCG rating indicates the grapes came from the “sweet spot” of the region, in Chianti they are saying it’s all good, it’s just that some regions are better. ALDI has a sterling reputation for selling value priced wine in Europe, their wines routinely win awards, ALDI America has yet to achieve that distinction. This Chianti has an old school alcohol content of 12.5%.

The color is a rich, barely see-thru black cherry red. The nose is dark berries, mint, light herbs,  a savory aroma, and spice. This is a soft, smooth wine, medium-bodied, fairly simple and balanced. It tastes of blackberry, black pepper,  and cranberry. The mid-palate brings cherry, light spice and delicate herbs. The tannins are soft, the acidity is enough to use with the meal, but is over-all is on the light side. The finish is soft and it does linger.

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The Adventure Series DOCG Chianti 2015 is a great choice for Tuesday night spaghetti dinner, it does not make much sense to spend $15 dollars on a bottle of wine for a meal that cost $6.50 in ingredients.  Soft, fairly simple but good tasting is an honorable description for a Red wine that sells for a penny less than 5 bucks.

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