Absidis Brut Rose’ Cava

AbsidisRoseThe Absidis Brut Rose’ Cava is sourced from grapes grown on the Finca Emendis/Masia Puigmolto Estate in the Alt Penedes D.O. (this is where most of the Cava grapes are sourced) near Barcelona, Spain.  Most Cava’s you see on the store shelves are made from 3 White wine grapes, Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel.lo, but Rose’ Cava is made from the Red wine grape Trepat. Trepat is an indigenous grape and it is used almost exclusively in the making of Rose’ Sparkling wine. This Cava is made the same way Champagne is produced, the 2nd fermentation occurs in each and every individual bottle and it is aged in the bottle for 14 months. This is a Brut wine, meaning it is a dry wine, remember when a Sparkling wine is designated a “Dry” wine on the label, it is actually sweet. The alcohol content is 11.5%.

The color is a beautiful Knock Out rose reddish pink with nice tight, tiny bubbles. The nose is delicate, fresh picked strawberry, watermelon sour candy, and Michigan cherries.  The flavor is slightly unexpected, it is a mix of lemon and cherry, a slight hint toasted bakery bread and San Pellegrino mineral water (the flavor only, this is not a watery Cava by any means). This is a clean refreshing Cava, with balanced acidity and a long lingering finish.

The Absidis Brut Rose Cava is both familiar and unusual, the Trepat grape offers a different take on Cava, but the flavor and textures it provides are easy to understand and enjoy. Cava offers an excellent affordable alternative to Champagne. Champagne offers some “to die for” Sparkling wines, but almost never selling for under $40 and the under forty buck Champagnes are trading on the more expensive Champagnes reputation. Cava selling for a 1/3 the price is more than competitive and can be used the exact same way the more expensive Champagnes are used.

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