2014 La Granja 360 Verdejo Viura

lagranja360_verdejo_viuraThe 2014 La Granja 360 Verdejo Viura is a $4.99 Trader Joe’s import exclusive, 70% Verdejo and 30% Viura grown in the vineyards of Bodegas Avelino Vegas around the town of Santiuste in the Castilla y Leon region in northeast Spain. Verdejo is a grape that has been farmed in Spain for over a thousand years and Viura (also known as Macebeo) is one of the 3 grapes traditionally used in the making of Cava Sparkling wine. The La Granja (the farm) 360 wines are a line of unoaked, young (little aging) Spanish wines using quality grapes, produced without a great deal of manipulation, in a modern fruit forward style, usually for under $5. The alcohol content is 12%.

The color is a pale lemon yellow. The nose is pretty, peach, pear and apricot, along with a light floral edge. This is a dry wine, on the light side of medium with a solid display of acidity. It tastes of a mix of fresh peach, tart grapefruit, crisp apple with a little lemon/ lime and a touch of cream on the mid-palate. The acidity is solid, it may only cost $4.99, but keep this bottle in mind for the right BYOB. The finish is crisp and lingers for some time.

The La Granja 360 Verdejo Viura is a solid, no excuses, change of pace, everyday White wine. There is enough acidity to work well as a food wine and enough flavor for backyard deck sipping. The lemon/lime and cream on the mid-palate really add a nice bit of complexity. For $4.99, just tasting good is usually enough, but that little addictive edge is a terrific bonus. As for pairing, seafood, pasta with white sauce, anti-pasta and Boston Market chicken will do just fine.

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