2013 Oak Ridge Winery OZV Red Blend

OZVRB-BS-V001_SSSThe 2013 Oak Ridge Winery OZV Red Blend is Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah and Merlot sourced from vineyards in more than one California grape growing AVA. Oak Ridge Winery is the oldest winery in the Lodi AVA, started as part of a Co-op (a wine Co-op is where a group of vineyard owners band together to share the costs of producing wine) in 1934 and family owned since 2002. The OZV Red Blend was fermented in stainless steel tanks and aged on French and American oak for 1 year. The alcohol content is 13.5%.

The color is a nearly opaque raspberry red. The nose is dark and brooding, blackberry, molasses, oak spice, plums and French vanilla. This is a full-bodied Red, smooth upfront, with solid structure and good length. It tastes of a mix of black and blueberries, chocolate, cranberry and a late hit of spice. There is a transition to tart cherry and vanilla. The tannins give a bit of a grip on the mid-palate and the acidity is well-balanced. The finish is full and lengthy.

The 2013 Oak Ridge Winery OZV Red Blend is one of those cool “only in California” blends. There are 2 Bordeaux grapes in the mix, but the other two grapes had to leave home to find their way (Zinfandel is from Italy and Petite Sirah is a newer concoction from France). Very tasty, fruit-forward, but with balance in mind. This is a solid, very drinkable Red, pair with comfort food, but it has the style and structure to go upscale if you like.



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  1. d wills says:

    All you kids know is sugar sugar sugar. This wine is cloying. Not a serious wine at all. Ripoff at $10.00

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