2012 Burlwood Cellars Merlot

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2012 Burlwood Cellars Merlot



The 2012 Burlwood Cellars Merlot is a $4.99 ALDI  US exclusive wine. Burlwood Cellars is one of E & J Gallo’s many labels and has been around for several years, but is now an ALDI wine, though you can find it in Canada for about $11. There is not much technical information available for the Burlwood Merlot, the back label indicates that this is a semi-dry wine and that vanilla and oak spice is part of the flavor profile, so there is some oak conditioning. The alcohol content is 13%.

The color is dark, barely see-thru, back cherry red with a pink halo. The nose is pretty decent for a five buck Merlot, plums, Nestles Quik powder, vanilla, a little spice and cherry. It starts off with blueberry, a little chocolate, some creamy vanilla and some ripe plum. There really isn’t any flavor transition or development on the mid palate, what you get upfront is all that there is, but what is upfront is very drinkable. The finish is full, but fades before too long.

The 2012 Burlwood Cellars Merlot is not an exciting wine, but for $5 it does ok for itself. The Burlwood Merlot is sort of like PBR or Miller Lite beer, aficionados are going to turn up their nose at the thought of drinking this Merlot, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a cheap Red wine with some pretty decent flavor. Pair it with the usual pizza and burgers or drink it while playing video games or watching The Walking Dead.

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