2010 Spiral Wines Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Trader Joe’s +shot_1317779195789Cabernet Sauvignon+Napa Valley=$4.99. Spiral Wines is a custom label produced by Fior di Sole, a custom and private label winemaker. The back label says Spiral Wines vinted and bottled this Cabernet and legally that indicates that Spiral Wines fermented a minimum of 10% of the wine. The term “Reserve” on the bottle has no legal definition for California wine. Who grew the grapes and exactly where they were grown is information that Spiral Wines does not disclose. The alcohol content is 13.9%.

The color is strawberry jelly red with black highlights. The nose is cassis, a little new mown hay, raspberry and chocolate. Medium bodied with bright and lively flavor. Blueberry upfront, followed by cocoa powder, a little bit of a green stick flavor and white Spice Drops candy. The mid-palate softens with strawberry and vanilla. The tannins are firm and provide a pretty decent backbone, often with inexpensive wines, the tannins and acidity are somehow removed, the Spiral Cabernet has a proper supply of tannins. The finish is blueberry and vanilla a lasts a reasonably long time.

The Spiral Wines Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is an eminently drinkable bottle. It possesses far more structure and complexity than any $4.99 bottle has a right to have. The Spiral Cab may not stack up to $15 Cabernet’s, but at 5 bucks it is king of the hill.

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