2010 Spanish White Guerrilla Verdejo

mailThe Spanish White Guerrilla Verdejo is 100%  Verdejo grown in a single vineyard located in the Valles de Sadacia growing area, which is a white wine only DO (Denominacion de Origen) located inside the Rioja district, in Spain. The Verdejo grape has been grown mainly in the Rueda region for 1,000 years and is a very hearty, drought and disease resistant grape. The Verdejo grape is usually picked at night when the temperature is cooler, because the daytime heat can oxidize the wine during daytime picking. The wine was aged in large stainless steel vats for two months and the alcohol content is 12%.

The color is pale butter yellow with green apple highlights. The nose is pear and apricot, peach and creamery butter. The Verdejo has a full, rounded mouth-feel, pear and lime lead the way, the mid-palate has a slightly medicinal edge that also adds peach and papaya. The acidity is well balanced and helps the finish last for a very respectable time.

Don’t be scared off by one of Sponge Bob Squarepants friends on the label or a grape varietal that you may not be familiar with, the Spanish White Guerrilla Verdejo is a well made, delicious, refreshing, change of pace, summer wine. The Spanish White Guerrilla Verdejo should sell for around $10, if you like your white wine with a bit of body and strong, fresh flavors, this is a wine you should consider.

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