2010 Lacheteau Vouvray

get_image.phpVouvray is the name for Chenin Blanc grown in the Vouvray growing region near the town of Tours in the Loire Valley, France. The Lacheteau Vouvray is exclusively imported for Trader Joe’s and sells for $6.99. Lacheteau is one of the largest negociant’s in the Loire Valley, which means they do not grow the grapes, they purchase the grapes from unnamed growers and create and label their own wines. The alcohol content is a mild 12%.

The color is a very pale daisy yellow. The nose is fragrant, pear, banana, tangerine and a very light touch of honey. Smooth, rounded flavors, juicy peaches, pear in light syrup, and melon. There is a healthy amount of acidity, you find yourself smacking your lips between sips. The mid-palate adds mild a slap of minerality and apple. There is a subdued but reasonably lengthy finish.

A solid French Loire Valley summer white wine for cheap. Chill the bottle down for 45 minutes before you pop the top and you will find this Vouvray/Chenin Blanc will go down very easy and at 12% alcohol, there is no reason not to pour that next glass.

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2 comments on “2010 Lacheteau Vouvray

  1. anne scott says:

    who in ct would carry this delicious wine

  2. Edmund DuBois says:

    Many years ago while camping in the Loire Valley, I bought a bottle of Vouvray because my Michelin Guide said it had a “flinty” flavor. Whether it did or not, I drank most of the bottle sitting in front of my tent, and enjoyed it, as you might suspect. Since then I have learned that the terroir of Vouvray wines varies, and some of it is a flinty clay that produces what some say is an aroma of “flint.” Whatever, my children and I will taste our Trader Joe Lacheteaux Vouvray and decide whether it is “flinty” or not–but enjoy it regardless. – Ted DuBois

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